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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplant is a procedure to restore well-shaped eyebrows. Although the procedure of eyebrow transplant is similar to that of hair transplant, it requires a lot more precision. Eyebrow transplant is generally defined as a procedure where hair grafts are taken from hairs around the ears or behind the head (due to their resemblance to eyebrow hairs). Then, they are separated into individual follicular units under a microscope and precisely placed onto the eyebrow in the correct angle and direction of hair growth. As was mentioned earlier, the procedure of eyebrow transplant is similar to that of hair transplant, where the implanted hairs fall out after few days, and new hair growth begins after about three months and will eventually fully grow within nine months postsurgery.
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کاشت مو - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures in this clinic are as follows:
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT)
In FUT, a thin strip of skin with hair is removed, typically from the back of the head where more hairs grow. Then, hair units are individually separated by the specialized team without causing damage to their follicles and placed directly onto the balding region. About two weeks postsurgery, the hairs start falling out and new hairs start growing back after about three months. The final results can be noticed after about nine months, If the follicular units are transplanted properly, the implanted hairs grow naturally, are permanent, can be styled, do not require special care, and do not fall out. Hair transplant can also be used to restore head hair, eyebrows, beard hair, etc.
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مزوتراپی - دکتر کوثر هدایت


What is mesotherapy and how does it work?
In mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other substances needed by the skin are directly injected into the skin. Based on the substances injected, mesotherapy has different types:
  • Mesotherapy helps halt hair loss and stimulate hair growth
  • Mesotherapy helps fade facial spots (whitening)
  • Mesotherapy helps reduce dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes (Eye Contour)
  • Mesotherapy helps produce collagen, lift the face, and smooth out fine wrinkles (Lifting and Anti-aging)
Injecting antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids directly into the skin increases fibroblasts synthesis, thereby producing more collagen and relieving skin aging.
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تزریق چربی - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Fat Injection

Aging occurs by reducing the skin thickness and elasticity because of the reduced content of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin in the skin. A gradual reduction in subcutaneous tissue causes the appearance of wrinkles in different areas of the face including on the eyelids, around the eyes, cheeks, and temples. As far as these wrinkles are not deep, they can be erased to some extent through Botox. However, when hypodermic fat atrophy occurs, Botox treatment is no longer effective and should be replaced with filler injection. Fats are known as the best fillers because they are taken from the patient's own body and transferred to another area when processed. In fact, fat is a natural bulking agent with many cosmetic and medical applications.
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Aside from erasing deep wrinkles, this method has other rejuvenation applications:
  • Filling thin-skinned areas of the body, such as cheeks and under the eyes
  • Enhancing cheeks and chin
  • Filling ice pick and burn scars
  • Rejuvenating hands and removing visible veins
  • Correcting face and body asymmetries, including breast tissues
The best areas to take fat varies in different people, but it is generally transferred from areas with excess fats, which is less susceptible to reduction with diet. To this end, fat is typically transferred from the thigh, waist (love handle region), and knee areas that have stubborn pockets of fat. The fat injection takes about 2 to 3 hours and most patients do not experience any difficulty or pain.
تزریق چربی - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Advantages of Fat Injection:

Since the fat is taken from the patient's own body, there is a little chance of allergic reaction and thus does not lead to rejection under any circumstance. Moreover, the fat durability is very high and it cannot move under the skin.

What are the complications of fat injection?

Swelling usually begins at the injection site between 1 and 2 weeks. Sometimes, edema, bruise, irregularities, and even small fat accumulation may occur, which typically heal spontaneously with time. The secretion of serum from the donor site is common between one to two days of postsurgery.
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تزریق ژل (فیلر) - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Gel (Filler) Injection

The injection of fillers can be a suitable solution to aging symptoms in both men and women. The patient can notice the injection results very soon, even when leaving the operating room with satisfaction. This is while a few months are needed to notice the results of risky cosmetic procedures. As another advantage, gel injection can be repeated multiple times for further correction; whereas, cosmetic surgeries cannot be repeated and their repetition does not necessarily lead to desired results. Concerning the gel injection, the selection of filler is very important. Unfortunately, the increased price of high-quality fillers has made patients use non-approved dermal fillers. This may lead to irreparable complications, such as black discoloration in the nose and lips, movement of gels, and even blindness, which can occur immediately or even after some years. In this clinic, only widely used complication-free dermal fillers and Botox products, approved by the FDA and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran, are offered.
Gel injection is used for the following purposes:

Lip gel

Chin gel

Cheek gel

Nose irregularity correction

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تزریق بوتاکس - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Botox injection

Botox injection is used to smooth wrinkles in the upper part of the face, such as around the eyes, forehead, and frown lines, and lower parts of the face, such as around the lip and necklines. Botox is very popular nowadays and thus it is essential to be done by a medical specialist for safety in terms of dose and quality of the product. Botox injection in hair salons or by non-specialists can lead to severe muscle paralysis at the injection site, infection, blood vessel rupture, ecchymosis, and even respiratory complications and death; whereas, an accurate Botox injection makes it one of the safest cosmetic procedures. In this clinic, only Dysport (England), Nevronox (South Korea), and Massport (Iran) products are used. All of these brands are approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The first two brands are globally used for years, have been broadly studied, and are very safe with no reported anaphylactic sensitivity.
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پی ار پی (PRP) - دکتر کوثر هدایت


Introduction of PRP Method
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment that uses growth factors, stem cells, and platelets from the patient's own body. We use advanced medical equipment in combination with the experience and expertise of our doctors to perform the PRP with the highest quality. This is the best opportunity for you to regrow your hair. The PRP is a very effective method to treat baldness and hair regrowth. It is also used for face and hand rejuvenation and reducing the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. In the PRP procedure, the patient's blood is first collected and processed with a specific activator in a centrifuge device, and the rich part of it is re-injected to the site. This procedure is done through local anesthesia.
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میکرودرم و پاکسازی - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Microdermabrasion and Cleansing System

Microdermabrasion is a completely complication-free method used for skin cleansing. In this method, the skin is exposed to aluminum oxide powder with small crystals, which eliminate dead tissues and horn cells of the skin, reduce skin pore size, partially lighten the skin, and remove blackheads. It is even effective in the treatment of acne and better absorption of topical medications.
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میکرونیدلینگ - دکتر کوثر هدایت


Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation technique that makes several tiny holes in the skin, causing a considerable increase in the production of collagen and elastin and improvement of the scar by releasing platelet growth factors and increasing blood supply-of-the-skin. It causes lightening of the skin and a partial facelift. In this method, mesotherapy products can also be used to achieve much better results. Microneedling can be done with local anesthesia and it is very important to use appropriate needles. This clinic uses the AMIA device (Germany), which not only has colorless steel needles but also allows for setting the needle insertion depth. In addition, the ends of the needles are designed to prevent the transmission of viral diseases from the skin surface.
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Applications of Q-SWITCH laser :
لیزر کیوسوئیچ - دکتر کوثر هدایت
Removing tattoos on the face and body
Removing bruises and brown spots
Removing moles and freckles on the body and face
Removing some congenital moles on the body and face
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لیزر CO2 فرکشنال - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Fractional CO2 Laser

The fractional CO2 laser is an effective technique to treat deeper acne scars. The new fractional technology can directly target the acne scar without affecting the skin around it. This ability of fractional CO2 laser leads to rapid skin repair, minimizes skin damage, and is a way to rejuvenate the skin. In addition to acne scars, it is also effective in treating old surgical scars and abdominal equatorial lines. Repair treatments and sunscreen creams should be used for one week after the procedure. The patient is recommended to take this laser therapy in the fall and winter.
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RF Fractional یا "آر اف" سوزنی - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Fractional RF

Fractional RF is a micro-needling technique, which uses radiofrequency waves. This technology stimulates the generation of collagen by combining two mechanisms, namely fractional surfacing at the epidermis and controlled delivery of thermal waves through microneedles at different dermal levels (deep skin layers). This is the most effective skin rejuvenation technique. Moreover, it is among the most effective technique for smoothing out fine and superficial wrinkles, treating some types of skin roughness including acne scar, and clogging face pores. It also can be used for skin lightening. Fractional RF can stimulate collagen generation for a long-lasting period. On the other hand, the microneedles in the fractional RF method deliver thermal waves to different levels of the dermis where collagen is located, causing long-lasting generation of collagen and an increase in skin strength. Since this mixed-method affects all skin layers and levels, it is a very effective therapeutic method.
The application of an anesthetic cream on the treatment site makes the fractional RF completely painless. After the procedure, the treatment site becomes red and swells for about 4 to 5 days. Therefore, repair and sunscreen lotions should regularly be used. The satisfactory outcomes of fractional RF can be noticed after one month and continue to remain for a long-lasting period. Due to its gold plated needles, the Intracel Fractional Microneedle RF Machine, used in this clinic, has very good conductive properties for radiofrequency waves. Although these needles are expensive, they are very efficient.
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بلفارو پلاستی یا جراحی پلک - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty is a type of surgery to repair droopy eyelids, remove fatty protrusions around the external and internal edges of the upper- and lower-lid.
Age-related changes in the eyelids (droopy eyelids) cause the face to look tired, sad, and drowsy as the eyelids fall. Some patients reported difficulties at the end of the day, which can be largely eliminated by blepharoplasty.
This surgery may be performed alone or in combination with other methods, such as eyebrow lift, face lift, and Botox injection, rejuvenating the facial appearance. Blepharoplasty can be done without anesthesia or with local anesthesia. Bruise and swelling may occur within one week postsurgery. Surgical incision often takes few months to heal.
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کرایوتراپی (یا سرما درمانی) - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy)

Cryotherapy is a procedure that uses liquid nitrogen to frozen skin lesions. Freezing may be the best treatment for different types of skin lesions. This is a relatively reasonable, safe, and reliable method. Nevertheless, it is important to accurately diagnose skin lesions. Cryotherapy is the first line of treatment for skin and genital warts. Moreover, it is used to treat some photoaging problems and even skin tumors.
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لیزر الکساندرایت - دکتر کوثر هدایت

Alexandrite Laser Treatment

Alexandrite laser is the best method to remove unwanted hair by targeting the follicles. When using the alexandrite laser in a very short time, the high-intensity laser ray targets the skin and simultaneously destroys dozens of hair follicles, removing the majority of damaged hair from the skin surface. The remaining hair will fall out within a week or two. After 4 to 6 laser sessions, a proper response is seen in more than 90% of people. In 10% of patients, more sessions may be needed for those with hormonal disorders, congenital generalized hypertrichosis, or ovarian cysts. This clinic is equipped with the Alexandrite Laser Device of Candela (USA) - awarded as the best device for unwanted hair removal in the last year. In addition to the Alexandrite laser device, this clinic is equipped with the Nd-Yag, which can be used for dark and bronze skin. This device is equipped with a special cooling system to prevent skin burns. Minimum pain and maximum efficiency are among the advantages of the Alexandrite laser device.
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هایفوتراپی - دکتر کوثر هدایت

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

HIFU stands for high-frequency ultrasound waves. This method uses ultrasound waves to shrink the superficial fascia (SMAS) and stimulate collagen generation to create a natural lift without requiring surgery and postoperative recovery. Collagen fibers help strengthen various structures of the body and also prevent the absorption and degradation of such structures like the skin. By reducing collagen content, the skin loses its natural elasticity, firmness, and strength, resulting in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging occur. In HIFU, ultrasound waves deliver thermal energy to the skin tissue and shrink it, thereby tightening the skin immediately. These results lead to the skin lift and major sagging elimination with time. The effects of HIFU continue to remain, increase the growth of new collagen protein, and form a stronger skin structure. The ultimate effects of HIFU can be noticed after four months. It is often a painless procedure without wound and redness.
Advantages of HIFU over Other Face lifting Methods
HIFU is a very effective, safe, non-invasive, and FDA-approved method to treat saggy skin without any damage to the skin. Contrary to surgical and laser treatments, HIFU does not leave any sign of incision, stitch, bruise, redness, wound, and inflammation on the skin. A patient who undergoes HIFU does not need a specific recovery period and can get on with his/her daily activities. Second, the effects of one HIFU session remains between one to three years and does not require monthly repetition, contrary to laser treatments. It is worth noting that since the skin tissues are alive and dynamic, the aging process continues after each rejuvenation session, so there is no permanent method. However, the effects of each HIFU session remain for a long period of time, if preserving skincare principles. As another advantage, the cost of HIFU is more reasonable than surgical techniques. HIFU is used for lifting eyebrows, treating droopy eyelids, smoothing wrinkles around the eyes, reducing dark circle around the eyes, lifting cheeks, lifting the chin, erasing laugh lines, erasing frown line, correcting double chin, lifting the face, lifting the neck, lifting the forehead, reducing skin pore size, jawline contouring, etc.
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